Oak Creek Town Board accepts bid on finishing rink upgrade


— The Oak Creek Town Board of Trustees has accepted a bid to finish upgrades on the town's ice rink. By doing so, the board took a final step toward fulfilling the requirements of a $64,000 grant from Great Outdoors Colorado.

The trustees voted at the Oak Creek Town Hall Thursday night to accept a $13,020 bid from Connell Resources Inc. to put a tennis-court like surface over the ice rink. The new surface is for in-line skating in the summer.

There was no finish date included in the bid.

Trustee Dave Harper recommended the bid because it was $400 cheaper than the other offers.

Once the surface is finished, Oak Creek will fulfill its obligations of a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado and receive $64,000.

When the project started last fall, Oak Creek fronted $64,000 to completely renovate the ice rink. The only way the money can be returned to the town is if the terms of the grant are met, including the finish date.

The project was supposed to be finished in October, according to the original grant agreement, but winter weather forced the town and the Oak Creek Hockey Association to ask for an extension until June 1.

When that date came, the hockey association and the trustees disagreed on who was to pay for the summer surface.

Tuesday, the town received word from Great Outdoors Colorado that it could have a one-year extension on the grant so it could iron out the money problems.

When hearing of the extension, Mayor Deb Van Gundy said the town would pay for the surface and figure out the financial issues later.

After Connell completes the work, the only thing left is to lock the rink up and wait a week for it to dry.

"Maybe we'll get some use out this before the summer is over," Van Gundy said.

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