Beauty-ful decision

Women partners open new salon


— After years of day care and miscellaneous jobs like cooking and cleaning, Sharon Warner decided "enough is enough" no more working for other people.

The 37-year Routt County resident recently opened a new business in Steamboat Springs.

Warner has partnered with Cathy Perry, a beautician from Cherry Creek who recently moved here to raise her children. Together they opened "Applause Salon" at 810 Lincoln Ave. in the alley beside the back door to the Cantina.

The salon will specialize in hair and nail services and tanning, and will sell hair and nail products.

Despite the fact there are more than a dozen beauty salons in Steamboat Springs area, Warner decided to go ahead and open their business.

"I don't know if the town needs another one, but we certainly are busy. Everybody's busy," she said. "It's impossible to call someone up and get an appointment the same day."

Already, Warner said, her business is flourishing.

"I'm totally shocked," she said. "Business is so much better than I ever imagined it would be. And we've already overdone this month what we did last month, and June's not even over."

The decision to open the business was somewhat impulsive. "We just did all of it real quick," Warner said. "We had been kind of talking about it for a while, Cathy and I, but she was working on building a house."

Warner grew tired of waiting.

"I thought, well, I guess I'll just have to be the owner, and Cathy can help out when she has time. We started working on it at the end of March and were open by April 27. My husband (Sheriff John Warner) went out to the FBI Academy and I got going. Howard, Cathy's husband built my tanning beds and did the plumbing."

Learning about sales taxes, going to the state board to learn about regulations on ownership and to register her name, and working out a lease with Lockhart and Associates didn't phase Warner in the least.

"There were no barriers or difficulties," she said. "None at all."

After a couple months of running the salon, the women aren't planning on changing a thing, either.

"We did everything right the first time," Warner said. "We have a beautiful courtyard out front with flowers and chairs. And I have the best tanning beds in town," she added. "All of it," (tanning beds included) "has such a warm, warm feeling."

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