4 years boil down to last, unreal hours


— Editor's note: Joleen Fuller is a Steamboat Springs High School senior and an intern at Steamboat Today. We asked her to relate what the last day of high school was like for her and what her thoughts were about the upcoming graduation.

It's hardly believable to see such an important and monumental time in your life come to an end. All day we were asking ourselves if it was real, if high school was really over.

As the day approached its end, the excitement rose. The hours were torture: long, and full of finals and anticipation. But nothing held back the feeling that we were finally done.

We were all a little bit sentimental, signing sappy good-bye notes in yearbooks and cleaning out our lockers, but we were mostly brimming with excitement and anticipation.

Last Saturday, all my friends and I could think about was that in one week we would officially be done with high school. The feeling is unexplainable, we were so happy to start a new part in our life to leave and see new things and meet new people, but at the same time, it was kind of new and scary. We are starting to realize the changes taking place.

The traditional "senior run" lead the entire class through the halls screaming, throwing out old tests and confetti, and taking a final look at the high school halls as we knew it. It was the last end of the day, the last time I had to get up and go to high school.

We ran past our former math and English classes, past all of our teachers, and burst into the commons area where underclassman stood and watched with envy as we counted down our final seconds of high school.

We burst out of the buildings equipped with water balloons, squirt guns and screams of joy, and finally the much talked about and anticipated weekend had started.

The weekend was packed with parties, barbecues, senior picnic and graduation practice, but we were all waiting for the fateful moment when we would receive our diplomas.

My last day of high school was about savoring my memories and looking forward the new memories I was going to make. I tied up loose ends, signed yearbooks and anxiously awaited my last minuet as a Sailor.

The entire year had been building up with worry, planning and big decisions. It felt like we had now reached the fun part.

The good-byes and sadness will come in the fall, now we have the ceremony, the parties with friends and family and the celebration of the good times.


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