CMC creates 'Business Incubator'


— The long-vacant Lucy Bogue Hall on the Colorado Mountain College Alpine Campus has been turned into a "Business Incubator" where start-up businesses and non-profit agencies can find affordable office space.

"Non-profit organizations are renting spaces from us at a lower rate," said Olive Morton, CMC's director of community education. "It helps non-profits keep their cost down and we're keying on business types that only need offices."

The building was built in the mid-60s and originally used for dorms and classrooms. After the Hill Hall dormitory was built five years ago, Bogue Hall was closed and remained unused, Morton said.

Recently, Bogue Hall was remodeled to provide offices and conference rooms for small businesses and groups.

Some of the businesses and organizations with offices in Bogue Hall include the Regional Affordable Living Foundation, POH International, and a company that creates Web sites for local businesses.

Morton said the rent from POH International, a software development company which is one of the larger tenants, is being used to pay for the remodeling.

"Remodeling is being done by CMC staff and they are doing it to keep the costs low," Morton said. "There still are some spaces available."

The remodeling work is mostly cosmetic, said CMC's physical plant manager Willard Anderson. Walls are being painted and textured, and new computer and phone outlets are being installed, he said.

Lucy Bogue, 89, was invited to attend the rededication ceremony on July 6, when she helped plant a Colorado blue spruce tree in front of the building.

Bogue was founder and president of Yampa Valley College, which became CMC in the late 1970s.

She organized the funding and construction of the first three buildings on campus, one of which was Bogue Hall.

"It was a nice turnout," Morton said. "There weren't a lot of people, but people were there who had known Lucy. It was due to her efforts that the land here was used for educational purposes."

Anyone interested in a space at the Bogue Hall Business Incubator should call Bryan King at 870-6522.

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