Former employee arrested for stealing


— A former employee of M&M Auto was arrested at 5:45 p.m. on Saturday after allegedly breaking into M&M several times and stealing money from the cash register.

John Ross Nereson, 24, was arrested for three counts of second-degree burglary and three counts of thefts connected to three separate incidents. On July 5, Nereson allegedly broke into M&M through an unlocked window and took $56 from the cash register. He allegedly returned on July 10 and stole $23 from the register and four chrome wheels, which were on his truck when he was taken into custody, Assistant Police Chief Art Fiebing said.

On July 17, Nereson was arrested in his vehicle, which was parked outside of M&M's property. Police said that he had several quarters in his hand and that coins were scattered on the front seat when officers approached his vehicle. Officers said the owner of M&M told them that $6 had been left in the register that night, and they assumed that the money Nereson had was the money from M&M's register.

When questioned, Nereson said that the $1 bills from the register were in his wallet and the quarters on the seat also were from the register. He told officers that he needed the money to keep his truck running, Fiebing said.


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