Happy holidays, football fans


As one of the few college football fans in the country who supports the Bowl Championship Series poll, I would like to express why I believe Florida State is deserving of playing Oklahoma for the national championship on Jan. 3.

Excuse me if there are any Hurricanes fans in Steamboat Springs who disagree, but Florida State completed an outstanding season on Nov. 18 by thrashing then No. 4-ranked Florida, 30-7 in Tallahassee.

The defending-champion Seminoles also demolished the Clemson Tigers who were ranked No. 10 when the two teams played.

Florida State prevailed 54-7.

North Carolina State was ranked in the top-25 also, before Florida State handed it a 58-14 defeat in Raleigh.

Florida State lost to Miami in early October but Miami has a loss to the University of Washington.

Washington, which was ranked No. 15 at the time it played Miami, won 34-29.

The Huskies beat the Hurricanes by five points and the Hurricanes beat the Seminoles by three points.

Therefore, Washington, which suffered it only loss at the hands of Oregon, has more of a claim to playing for the championship than Miami or Florida State, or so it appears.

What it comes down to is that Florida State played a tougher schedule according to the formula the BCS uses to calculate its final rankings.

If you disagree with the teams' strength of schedule, consider who Miami defeated this season: McNeese State, West Virginia, Rutgers, Florida State, Temple, Louisiana Tech, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Boston College.

Florida State has wins over BYU, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Louisville, Maryland, Duke, Virginia, North Carolina State, Clemson, Wake Forest and Florida.

Not exactly an excruciating schedule for either ball club, but FSU gets props for beating more ranked teams than Miami.

Until there is a playoff system that decides who should play for the national championship, the BCS formula is the next best thing.

Face it Miami, if you had not lost this season, you would have earned the opportunity to play in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 3.

The BCS has proved that it is an effective tool in deciding who plays for the national championship. Last season, Florida State and Virginia Tech, who were both undefeated at the end of the regular season, played for the national title.

The Huskers were a close second behind the Hokies at 12-1.

Speaking of my alma mater, Nebraska was given the shaft, more so than to any other top-10 team at the end of this season.

Nebraska was No. 8 in the final BCS Poll, but was prevented from playing in a Bowl Championship Series game, because of a cheesy contract that guaranteed Notre Dame an automatic BCS bowl if it finished with at least nine wins. Nebraska and Notre Dame have identical 9-2 records.

The Huskers defeated the Irish this season in South Bend, but now will be playing in the Alamo Bowl against the Northwestern Wildcats.

I won't grip about the situation, however, because it figures to be an outstanding matchup between two excellent football teams.It also should be a fantastic matchup down in Miami, where the Sooners are sure to win their first national championship since 1986.

Good luck Huskers and happy holidays college football fans

Oklahoma, 24 Florida State, 21.


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