New talk radio station 'working the kinks out'


— The wait is over for radio talk show junkies in the Yampa Valley.
The new talk forum radio station, KRMR, 107.3FM, is back on the air kind of.
If listeners tuned in on Tuesday, they were able to hear parts of talk shows like Rush Limbaugh, but other voices and shows could also be heard playing over the live radio show. They managed to work out some of the glitches later in the day.
The new station went off air about a week ago, just weeks after bringing the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura to the Valley.
"We've got some problems with the transmitter," said station manager Brian Harvey.
"The transmitter is brand new, but the air conditioning kind of froze up," said Harvey "We're not sure of the cause and effect," he added.
Temperatures in transmitter towers can reach much more than 100 degrees, so they have to have cold air blown in to keep from malfunctioning.
Harvey said they took care of the AC but other parts for the transmitter had to be ordered. Harvey said if the station's engineers can't solve the problem, the manufacturers will be asked to come in and fix it.
"Hopefully we didn't get a lemon," Harvey said with an uncomfortable laugh.
The new station took advantage of the down time to try and fix glitches and cement the format. During the first few weeks that 107.3 was on the air, it wasn't uncommon to hear advertising being played over the voices of Rush or Dr. Laura.
"We figured to see a few problems and that's why we didn't promote it (the radio station) heavily," said Harvey. "We're working the kinks out. It's taking longer than expected, but that's par for the course in a small town."
Meanwhile, KRMR has gotten quite a few phone calls from listeners wondering where the talks shows went.
The listeners are also making their opinions clear.
"We're getting mixed reviews: those who love and don't like Rush the same with Dr. Laura," said Harvey. "They make people think, and some people don't like thinking differently."
Harvey also reminds listeners that the format won't be the same a year from now.


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