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Yule Log Clue No. 7

Yule Log Clue No. 7

— North to south, east to west,

More gathered here than all the rest.

Change of purpose saved the spot

For frame and fame and sometimes plot.

Yule Log Clue No. 6

Thrice times five, I'd reach the sky.

Shame man's progress made me die.

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Yule Log Clue No. 5

A century ago, a man's dream came true.

Steel and lumber connect the two.

School of fry, house of rock,

Float the boat to the dock!

Yule Log Clue No. 4

Headlights in, tails turned out.

Pershing and others spun about.

Deck the halls, earn the fame,

Start as a spark, ignite the flame.

Yule Log Clue No. 3

Now it's time for you to choose

Summer ranch or a nip of booze?

Did Pilot roll along this route?

Study our history. You'll find out.

Yule Log Clue No. 2

Where mesa mountains start the flow, past rocks and hills and town below.

Once a bear, still a root. Find your way on bike or foot.

Yule Log Clue No. 1

Under Rotary Boardwalk in 2008, the fabled log laid in wait.

This year in a different place, follow each clue to find home base.

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