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Wedding Guide: Wedding Tales

Break a leg

Emma and Eric Scherer had an unconventional wedding after Eric suffered a broken leg before the big way.

— My husband and I met at the grocery store in November 2008, and again through a mutual friend that New Year’s Eve. We had our first date the next day.

Eric proposed on the next New Year's Eve, and we started planning our wedding for that September. On May 16, however, Eric shattered his femur in 12 places horsing around with some friends and was rushed into surgery. The doctors told him he'd be able to walk in eight weeks…in plenty of time for our wedding. But two weeks later the screws failed and we had to go to a limb recovery specialist in Denver.

Our family urged us to push the wedding back a year. But two weeks before the wedding he was given permission to weight it 50 percent. He was determined to walk down the aisle.

Then, on the day of rehearsal, his caught his pants leg getting out of the truck, making his leg swell up again. On our wedding day he was in a ton of pain and had to walk down the aisle with crutches again, but he made it through… barely. We didn’t really get a first dance and our pictures were limited due to his immobility, but we pulled it off.

Since then he was had two more surgeries and is on the mend. I'm looking forward to a pain- and crutch-free anniversary.