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Under the radar: Travis Booth the guide to better communication

Travis Booth is a pioneer at the Weather Service. As an intern, he helps do forecasts while also managing the relatively new social media accounts for the Weather Service office in Grand Junction.

At the National Weather Service office in Grand Junction, you really wouldn't know Travis Booth was an intern until he told you that was his title.

He answers the phone and goes over forecasts with journalists.

He also has taken on the somewhat new and unprecedented role at the office of guiding the National Weather Service's presence on social media.

"This is something new for us," he said scrolling through the Grand Junction office's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Inside the office, forecasters often speak in a language that is hard to comprehend.

You might hear the word POPS being thrown around a lot. To a forecaster, it simply means the probability of precipitation.

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"We're trying to do a better job communicating," Booth said. "The typical scientist is maybe introverted and very into their field and not worrying so much about communication. So to communicate, we try to do things graphically."

Despite the heavy load of math and physics, Booth said he has fun with his job.

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