Tom Ross: Your turn to be famous will come soon enough |

Tom Ross: Your turn to be famous will come soon enough

The November 2009 edition of Outside magazine featured Steamboat Springs Olympian Todd Lodwick on the cover and three other locals modeling clothes. The edition of the magazine that feature Lodwick was mailed to subscribers and is not available for purchase from magazine racks in Steamboat, but a spread featuring the four locals is in all versions of the magazine.

— All of us deserve our 15 minutes of fame, so it was nice to see this week that four local guys — Luke Brosterhous, Adam Spector, Jerad Iacovetto and Todd Lodwick — got their pictures published in Outside magazine.

They were pictured modeling outdoor wear in the style section in the November issue.

Come to think of it, Iacovetto already has had his 15 minutes of fame. Didn't he play a major role in a reality television show a few years back? Does anyone recall "Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive" on E!?

Lodwick is a bona fide sports celebrity in Europe thanks to his stature as a two-time world champion in Nordic combined skiing (Oooh la la, c'est mon beau ami Todd! Il fait du ski!).

Hey, face time in a national magazine is a great honor and calls for a nice picture frame, no matter how recognizable you are or are not (I don't sound envious, do I?).

In case you are among the hundreds of Steamboat guys who are bitterly disappointed they weren't selected for the photo shoot, I know what you're probably thinking to yourself: "I could beat any of those dudes down Heavenly Daze in a powder dump! Why didn't they pick me? Do those guys have agents or something?"

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Don't worry, Outside will come back to Steamboat sometime in the next eight years and do another "rugged handsome dudes of Steamboat shoot." And if Outside doesn't do it, Men's Journal, or National Geographic Adventure, or maybe even GQ will do it. They can't help it. Magazines can't get enough of these kinds of stories.

When I checked out the story and photos about the Four Musketeers of Steamboat on the Outside Web page this week, something about it struck me as familiar.

I'm a magazine junkie — it's always been difficult for me to throw out what to me is a perfectly good book packed with gorgeous photography. So I have rows of plastic magazine containers stacked in dark corners of the house.

When I pored through a stack of old copies of Men's Journal on Friday morning, I hit pay dirt with the August 2006 issue. There on page 84 was a manly fashion layout titled "The Kings of Whistler."

The tease went like this: "When the snow melts in most mountain towns, the resident adventure pros move on. But the local talent in Whistler, British Columbia, wouldn't dream of spending summer anyplace else."

The article is accompanied by a photograph of Guillaume, a cinematographer wearing a $700 Timberland jacket; Lon, a DJ and ski patroller wearing a $1,000 leather jacket by Polo by Ralph Lauren; and Sean, an outdoor guide wearing $70 cargo pants by Calvin Klein.

None of the Whistler models is any more clean-shaven than I am, but they're all at least 25 years younger than I am.

The rugged local guy fashion layouts are harmless, in my view. The inevitable magazine stories about the top 15 brewpubs in the Rocky Mountains also are fairly benign.

However, I let out a howl of displeasure a couple of years ago when one of the leading fly-fishing magazines touted the Steamboat stretch of the Yampa River as one of the very best places in the West to catch a large rainbow trout. What are these editors thinking? Oh, that's right. Exposing my favorite fishing holes is their job.

Nothing scares me quite as badly as wheeling my grocery cart through the local Piggly Wiggly and spying a newsstand from a distance — a news rack containing a magazine with the headline: "Ten Best Kept Secret Mountain Towns to Kick Back In."

Please, God! Let it be Salida or Hotchkiss or Paonia or even Tincup! But don't let it be Steamboat Springs. After all, we've had our 15 minutes of fame.

I received a rude shock one Sunday in September when I opened my New York Times Magazine (I save those, too) and there was a travel piece recommending Boulder, Utah, as an adventure travel destination.

I thought Boulder, Utah, was one of those last, best-keep secrets that no magazine would ever write about. I was mistaken.

I know, Boulder is hard to miss right there between the bustling metro areas of Torrey and Escalante. Even though Boulder is tucked up against Hell's Backbone and has an excellent restaurant of the same name that serves local organic, it barely has a general store, let alone a boutique. Why would anyone from New York want to go there?

Of course, if an editor from the Times Magazine called today and offered an assignment to photograph the six best-dressed female canyon guides in Escalante, I'd be packing my Nikons into the waterproof case in a New York minute.


Steamboat Springs residents Todd Lodwick, Jerad Iacovetto, Andy Spector and Luke Brosterhous are featured modeling clothes in the November issue of Outside magazine.

A version with Lodwick on the cover was mailed to subscribers. That cover is not available for purchase at magazine racks in Steamboat, but the version that is also contains the four locals and is available around the city.

To view the photo shoot online, click here.

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