Strings Music Festival tickets to go on sale Wednesday |

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Strings Music Festival tickets to go on sale Wednesday

Court Yard Hounds play the Strings Music Festival on July 25. The band features Martie Maguire and Emily Robison

2014 Strings Music Festival schedule

June 21: America (Different Tempo)

June 24: The Not-Its! (Youth)

June 24: George Winston (Different Tempo)

June 26: Trevor G. Potter (Music on the Green)

June 28: Opening Night Orchestra (Classical)

July 1: C Street Brass (Youth)

July 2: Chamber Music: Dvořák to Broadway (Classical)

July 3: C Street Brass (Music on the Green)

July 3: The Fab Four (Different Tempo)

July 5: Perry-Mansfield: Gershwin and Ellington (Classical)

July 7: House Party/Menahem Pressler (special event)

July 8: Smirk (Youth)

July 9: Evening with Pressler (Classical)

July 10: C Street Brass (Music on the Green)

July 11: Brent Rowan & Larry Gatlin (Different Tempo)

July 12: Pressler: Mozart and Dvorak (Classical)

July 15: Barry G (Youth)

July 16: Wendy Chen on Steinway D (Classical)

July 16: Donors Reception (special event)

July 17: Ping (Music on the Green)

July 18: Rockapella (Different Tempo)

July 19: Kitchen and Garden Tour (special event)

July 19: Turtle Island Quartet (Classical/Different Tempo)

July 22: Fara Tolno & Kissidugu (Youth)

July 23: Seven Composers, Seven Styles (Classical)

July 24: Ping (Music on the Green)

July 25: Court Yard Hounds (Different Tempo)

July 26: Orchestra with Jon Kimura Parker (Classical)

July 29: Dr. Noize (Youth)

July 30: Calder Quartet (Classical)

July 31: Chamberlin Birch (Music on the Green)

Aug. 1: The California Honeydrops (Different Tempo)

Aug. 2: Lisa Fischer (Different Tempo)

Aug. 5: Billy Jonas Band (Youth)

Aug. 6: Cliburn Piano Medalist: Sean Chen (Classical)

Aug. 7: Acutonic (Music on the Green)

Aug. 8: Jesse Cook (Different Tempo)

Aug. 9: Quincy Jones Presents: The Emily Bear Jazz Trio(Classical/Different Tempo)

Aug. 13: Bruce Hornsby (Different Tempo)

Aug. 14: Leaner, Lunker & Friends (Music on the Green)

Aug. 16: Asleep at the Wheel (Different Tempo)

Aug. 17: House Party/Ray Benson (special event)