Steamboat’s String Board Theory returns to Old Town Pub tonight |

Steamboat’s String Board Theory returns to Old Town Pub tonight

Band encourages fans to 'Express your inner freakiness'

Nicole Inglis

String Board Theory band members

— In the basement of their Steamboat home, Tyler Kim­ball, Jeff Barlow and Jeff Hayes made the walls vibrate with the heavy funk beat and floating guitar riffs of a new tune.

"Should we play one we didn't just write today?" guitarist Kimball asked his bandmates before they jumped into another new song with a hard rock edge.

Even though they sometimes have only a few hours each week to play together, the trio still is pushing its jam rock sound forward, molding old jams into new songs and even playing with a fourth band member, guitarist Andrew Ed­­mondson, for part of summer.

String Board Theory returns to the Steamboat stage tonight at Old Town Pub for what the band is billing as its Halloween show.

Kurt Vordemeier, Old Town Pub manager, said the venue's official Halloween party is Saturday night, featuring Dyrty Byrds, but the free show today, he said, is just as worthy of the Halloween blow-out label.

"I guess it's just Halloween all weekend," he said.

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Vordemeier touted String Band Theory's new light show that debuted in summer.

"Those guys are great," he said. "We have a lot of fun with them. They have a great local following. And they're good."

Although it will be a three-piece band that takes the stage tonight, members said they've learned a lot from playing with a fourth member.

"It put a whole new element into the band," Kimball said. "Everyone kind of mellows out when there is four people. He really shook up the elements."

"It's nice having an opportunity to layer our songs," bassist Barlow added.

When Edmondson left for New Hampshire to play with his old band, String Board Theory continued to tour, taking to stages across Colorado and the West about 45 times in summer and early fall.

But there's nothing like a hometown crowd, Barlow said, despite seeing a developing fan base in mountain towns like Breckenridge.

"Steamboat is the most fun shows we have," he said.

Kimball said their fans include a wide range of locals, from party-hardy twenty-somethings to the middle-aged music fans in the back, bobbing their heads along to the beat.

"They like variety," Kimball said about the Steamboat crowd. "They like the originality, the improv and that they can get lost a bit in their head."

And what better time to get lost than Halloween?

The band members will be dressed in costumes they're keeping a secret, and they'll play a few special Halloween covers including Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising."

"It's a time to express your inner freakiness," Barlow said.

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