Steamboat Springs School Board approves salary increase |

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Steamboat Springs School Board approves salary increase

Administrators and directors given half-percent raises

New salaries

Administrator and director salaries*

■ Anne Muhme, human resources director, $65,503

■ Dale Mellor, finance director, $106,591

■ Kevin Taulman, high school principal, $107,309.50

■ Tim Bishop, middle school principal, $103,891.50

■ Judy Harris, Soda Creek principal, $90,511

■ Celia Dunham, Strawberry Park co-principal, $86,688

■ Michele Miller, Strawberry Park co-principal, $82,971

■ Marty Lamansky, high school assistant principal $77,017

■ Jerry Buelter, middle school assistant principal, $87,832.50

■ Tim Miles, technology director, $90,761

■ Rick Denney, facilities director, $76,647

■ Ed Dingledine, transportation director, $59,003

■ Max Huppert, nutritional services director, $57,059

■ Ruth McBride, grant writer, $61,876.50

*The salaries listed above are the total compensation packages, which include health benefits and automotive allowances. The one-half percent salary increase was determined from base salary. The total for all salary increases is $6,099.50.

Source: Steamboat Springs School District