Steamboat cyclists flock to Rabbit Ears for time trial |

Steamboat cyclists flock to Rabbit Ears for time trial

Grueling climb tests Steamboat’s best racers

— It's hasn't been a spring of riding for Steamboat Springs' Barkley Robinson.

Robinson, like everyone else in the rain-drenched Yampa Valley, has had more workouts than he can count spoiled by the season's cool weather. Oh, and he's getting married Saturday.

"It's been a bit busy," he said Wednesday evening.

It hasn't been busy enough, however. Robinson led the way for a huge field of about 40 riders Wednesday in the Rabbit Ears Time Trial, a road bike race that launched local athletes up U.S. Highway 40, from the bottom of Rabbit Ears Pass to the west summit.

The task — on what, at least at the lower elevations, was a warm evening — left riders zipping open their jerseys and reaching for water bottles, gasping hard and asking "how much further."

None were faster than Robinson, who finished the ride in 34 minutes, 20 seconds.

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"This is brutal," he said about the course. "There's no rest. You just have to keep turning the pedals over."

Trevor Walz wasn't far behind at 36:43. Tammy Jacques-Grewal was the race's third finisher and top woman at 37:54, and Alex Pond was third among the men in 38:53.

Kelly Boniface was second for the women at 41:29 just ahead of Amy Charity, in at 42:10.

The time trial was the first in a series of road-bike events in the area to raise money for the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club's cycling program. That cause was responsible for some of the crowd, one of the largest the series has experienced.

It sent Johanna Hall pedaling up the hill.

"I do it so I can support these kids, and I do it so all those kids can pass me and feel good about themselves," said Hall, admittedly proud that she nailed the climb at 56 years old. "Riding up here is tough on your body and your brain, but it's so inspirational too."

Eddy Rogers, too, found the ride trying, though not quite what he expected.

Rogers, who graduated from high school in Steamboat and moved back two years ago, has driven over Rabbit Ears Pass plenty of times. He'd never ridden his bike up until Wednesday, however, when he took on the challenge suggested by members of his Old Town Hot Springs triathlon training club.

"It went by faster than I thought it would," Rogers said. "The hardest part, these last few rolling hills, I thought each one was the finish. I'd get to the top, then, 'Oh, no.'

"But it was a lot of fun."


Rabbit Ears Time Trial No. 1


Barkley Robinson, 34:20

Trevor Walz, 36:43

Tammy Jacques-Grewal, 37:54

Alex Pond, 38:53

Ben Berend, 40:29

Michael Ward, 40:44

Kelly Boniface, 41:29

Matt Charity, 41:50

Amy Charity, 42:10

Alec Schafer, 42:20

Rick Schuette, 42:35

Preston Roehrs, 42:36

Paul Campbell, 42:41

Erik Lynch, 42:41

Evan Weinman, 43:15

Ron Famiglietti, 43:37

Sam Chovan, 44:06

Scott Tanner, 44:31

Tom Davis, 44:36

Tanner Heil, 44:42

Jeff Gay, 44:43

Matt Eggen, 44:47

Chris Gilbertson, 45:05

Pat West, 45:09

Alec Gantick, 46:10

Tom Keenan, 46:27

Matt Stensland, 48:53

Dave Gower, 49:53

Eddy Rogers, 50:29

Kevin Wigfield, 50:45

Dustin Fulkerson, 51:26

Lisa Famiglietti, 51:30

Scott Schlapkohl, 52:02

Steve Fleckenstein, 53:19

Johanna Hall, 53:30

Nicolas Madden, 55:13

Bobby Aldigheiri, 59:59

Lesley Myller, 1:00:17

John Holland, 1:03:56

Maria Parehk, 1:19:24

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