Steamboat author releases 3rd book in science fiction series |

Steamboat author releases 3rd book in science fiction series

Nicole Inglis

Cesare Rosati, a 16-year Steamboat resident, is in the midst of publishing and releasing his five-part science fiction book series. Last week, the third installment, "Brockport, FS," was released and can be found at Off the Beaten Path Bookstore, at and at Bud Werner Memorial Library.

— When Steamboat resident Cesare Rosati sits down to write his science fiction novels, he said, it doesn't really feel like work to him. Instead, the complex stories of space travel and politics unfold on their own before his eyes.

"I start a story, and the characters take off with it," he said. "It's like someone's telling me a story, and I'm writing it down."

Last week, Rosati released the third book in a five-part science fiction series set in the near future. "Brockport, FS" chronicles a complex political and industrial tale of space colonization about the year 2028.

If 2028 doesn't seem that far off, that's the way he intended it.

"I don't want to write science fiction with all these strange aliens and creatures," he said. "People are people. We don't change; our emotions have stayed the same. By setting these books in the near future, I've given myself some leeway, but I'm keeping human nature what it is."

The first two books of the series, "Prairie Dog PPL" and "Adriana (SV-1)," were released in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

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Rosati retired to Steamboat Springs in 1996 after a career in electronic engineering. After his graduation from West Point and a military career, he worked for the Commerce Department, the Department of Defense and the State Department, finishing his career there as an international negotiator.

Through that experience, he gained insight into what he thought to be a stalling space program.

Rosati doesn't necessarily want to live on the moon, but he thinks the capabilities already are in place for interplanetary travel and space cities.

"I don't understand why I can't go," he said.

He said his books explore the political intrigue and complex relationships between characters ranging from the president to industrial innovators, specifically following the family of U.S. corporate icon Christopher Brock.

The longtime poet said he began writing fiction novels in 1998 when he had the idea for the series. All five of the books have been written, and the final two are in the editing and review process.

Rosati long has shared his work with the Steamboat Springs Writers Group, which meets weekly to read and critique group members' writing.

Don Moss, also a published fiction author, attends the group when he's in Steamboat every summer and said he's very familiar with Rosati's work from the weekly meetings.

"He's a very prolific writer and a very good writer," Moss said. His writing style is "practical and moderately realistic future writing. He incorporates a lot of his engineering background and his knowledge of space and the process into his book. It's a unique perspective, and it's really cool."

Rosati said he typically writes three pages per day because he's often busy with many of his other commitments, which range in nature from the outdoors to the artistic.

He played in the Steamboat Symphony Orchestra and also was an active part of the Steamboat Community Players theater group.

For more than a decade, he's garnered laughs galore at the annual Steamboat Springs Arts Council sketch comedy show "Cabaret."

And his acting background makes perfect sense when he describes how he visualizes his characters acting out the story onstage as he writes down their lines.

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Cesare Rosati’s books series is available for purchase at Off the Beaten Path Bookstore and online through his publishing company at It also can be checked out at Bud Werner Memorial Library.

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