South Routt dancers put on 19th annual Spring Dance Program |

South Routt dancers put on 19th annual Spring Dance Program

Nicole Inglis

Five-year-old dancer Kelsey Bryant laughs at instructor Tamara Bereznak during a lesson Wednesday at the Let's Dance studio in Oak Creek. Bryant will be part of the studio' Spring Dance Program Saturday at 7 p.m. Saturday at Soroco High School.

— In their bejeweled ballet slippers, eight preschool-age dancers waved their arms and skipped across the Let's Dance studio in Oak Creek as a recorded voice instructed them to "dance any way you want to."

They giggled and wrestled with one another until the music stopped, and they froze in goofy positions, unable to hide their delighted smiles.

"I love the pretty dancers and the pretty dances that Miss Tamara teaches," 5-year-old Kelsey Bryant said about the dance. "You get to spin around and get dizzy. You get to skip."

"Silly Dance Contest" is one of 16 pieces choreographed by instructor Tamara Bereznak and her dancers for the Let's Dance Spring Dance Program on Saturday, the culmination of the 19th year of the Oak Creek studio.

The performance features more than 50 dancers ages 2 to adult, performing dance styles from ballet and country to contemporary and Latin.

Bereznak told her class of preschoolers Wednesday morning before they rehearsed that she was sad about teaching the final class of the dance season in the studio.

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But she's looking forward to seeing a year's worth of work pay off.

"Just seeing the pride in the kids' faces … and how much they're just enjoying doing what they're doing for the community," she said. "That's so rewarding. I think they're not listening all year long, and then they get up onstage and they're performing."

She said that in the decades she's been teaching dance in South Routt, she's seen a love of movement and a sense of self-esteem develop in her students.

"It makes them proud of their accomplishments and their abilities, regardless of what they are," Bereznak said.

Six-year-old Olivia Rossi rehearsed her solo Wednesday morning in her green and purple fairy costume trimmed with leaves. She was visibly excited about her piece, "I Wish I Were Magic."

"It's a wishing on a star kind of thing," she explained.

And if she could wish on a star, she knows exactly what her request would be.

"I wish everyone could have a good time onstage," she said.

As for her two-year dance career, the classes and rehearsals have given her something to look forward to.

"I just like it 'cause in my heart, I just love it so much," she said. "It feels amazing."

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