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‘Sound and Fury’ back in Steamboat for 1 more show

Laura Trabka

Bonnie McGee said going to this weekend's "Sound and Fury" musical drama will be like a way to get into the mind of Beethoven.

"I like to think that when we hear the work of a composer, we're hearing the way they think," McGee said. "There's no other way we can hear someone thinking, so this is probably the closest to it. I think it's just fascinating."

"Sound and Fury" first was introduced to the Steamboat Springs audience in 2007. Now the musical drama is back at the Depot Art Center for its second run at 7 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost $20 for adults and $10 for students and are available at All That Jazz or by calling 970-879-9008, ext. 2.

The Steamboat String Quartet of John Sant'Ambrogio on cello, Mary Anne Fairlie on viola and violinists Teresa Steffen Greenlee and Bonnie Murray will play movements from Beethoven's many string quartets.

Beethoven will be portrayed by Cody Poirot, a 2009 Steamboat Springs High School graduate. All who are involved in this year's production also were involved in the 2007 event.

Sant'Ambrogio said he wanted to have the drama run again in Steamboat and was able to get in touch with Poirot to come back and play Beethoven once again.

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Sant'Ambrogio said doing productions like these help educate people about the music and the composer they are listening to.

"I think it's fun to educate people about (these composers), but it's not because they need to be educated but because they can enjoy it more when they know more about a composer," he said.

McGee said she was approached by Sant'Ambrogio years ago about creating this musical drama.

They decided on a play about Beethoven because of the changes he went through in his lifetime.

"Beethoven is one of the most interesting composers, and he's considered by many to be one of the greatest composer to ever live," Sant'Ambrogio said. "What he did that very few other composers did is he went through different stages in his life and that reflected in his composition."

He said Beethoven changed his style from starting out very classical to then slightly more romantic, and the last stage was somewhat spiritual and contemporary.

All of those styles will be depicted in "Sound and Fury" on Saturday as the production takes the audience through Beethoven's life and as Poirot portrays him on stage.

"It's basically a one-man play, a monologue and the string quartets are interspersed throughout," McGee said.

For more information about the show, visit http://www.steamboat


Proceeds will benefit the Steamboat String Quartet and the Steamboat Springs Arts Council.

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