Soda Creek 2nd-grader to show art |

Soda Creek 2nd-grader to show art

Luke Graham

— Art seems to fit Kali Waldman perfectly.

The 8-year-old, second-grade student at Soda Park Elementary School doesn't necessarily enjoy following rules. Her mom, Jill, can attest.

So when it comes to art and Kali's abstract takes on things, the moniker "artist" just seems to fit.

"My favorite part are there are no rules," Kali said. "You can go out of the lines and do whatever you want. You can splatter paint. You can make a mess and no one cares."

After having her first art show more than three years ago, Kali has continued to create art.

She'll show several of her old pieces as well as new creations from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday at Kneading Hands Therapy.

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"Ever since she was little, she used to line things up like Legos or rocks," Jill Waldman said.

For Kali, art offers endless opportunities and a view into the imagination.

She doesn't stick with one medium. Instead, she's always on the move, always doing something new.

It started with paint and has moved more toward pencil and marker drawings. But she has gone through phases of using cardboard and duct tape and making pottery.

"We have a zillion things in our cabinet," Jill said.

Kali's technique now involves taking a piece she has done and taking a photo of it to get a digital copy. From there, the photo is cropped — depending on the part Kali wants — into a tight and even square.

Kali began doodling and drawing at age 2. But it was on a family trip several years ago to the Whitney Museum in New York City that Kali declared her career.

She sat in front of a Georgia O'Keefe painting and began to draw it.

"I just started drawing," Kali said. "People circled around but I didn't care."

When Ali Boehm, from Kneading Hands, saw the art, she was curious to see if Kali wanted to show it.

Only thing is, Boehm didn't realize Kali is just 8, a common occurrence when she shows her art.

"I think that's unexpected for them," Kali said. "It's unique because I'm so young. It amazes people."

Kali said she isn't exactly sure what her next project will be.

Jill said she thinks it's photography, as Kali loves taking photos.

But Kali said she wants to get back into paint. She also wants to continue with markers, stencils, duct tape, cardboard and just about anything she can create.

Like most 8-year-olds, she likes a lot of things. She loves mountain climbing and fencing, and she thinks she'll continue to do art.

For her, the more the better.

"There is no rule that you can't have too many hobbies," Kali said.

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