Snowy trail doesn’t deter Steamboat runners |

Snowy trail doesn’t deter Steamboat runners

Runners come out for Love the Run You're With on Sunday

Deirdre Pepin makes her way down the course during Sunday's Love the Run You're With 10-kilometer running race at Howelsen Hill in Steamboat Springs. Deep snow conditions made running on the trails difficult. It didn't keep Pepin from winning the women's division, however.

— Boulder residents Kendra Emery and Nick Citriglia travel frequently to running races across the state. The more adventurous, the better, they said Sunday morning.

They've made it to Steam­boat Springs before, having competed in several of the Steamboat Springs Running Series' summer events. They both agreed, however, that they've never run in a race quite like Sunday's.

The Love the Run You're With 10-kilometer race at Howelsen Hill challenged a field of 35 racers. It wasn't always easy, as abundant snowfall in Steamboat during the past week made for a soft but hard-to-navigate course.

The racers called it tough. They called it hard. But they usually called it fun, too.

"It was really beautiful," Emery said. "But every time I looked up, I post-holed. It was fun, though."

"It was probably the toughest 10K I've ever done," Citriglia added.

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Steamboat's Brad Bingham won the men's race. The course started at Olympian Hall at Howelsen Hill and wrapped up and around Emerald Mountain trails that usually are hard-packed.

Bingham finished in 1 hours, 8 minutes and 45 seconds. Allen Belshaw was second at 1:13:02, and Barkley Robinson was third in 1:14:53.

Deirdre Pepin was the top women's division racer, finishing in 1:27:15. Hannah Williams was second at 1:28:58 while Jenny Fox and Amy Charity tied for third at 1:32:35.

From the fastest to the slowest, though, Sunday's conditions made the race difficult but worthwhile.

Runners struggled, chugging up the steep trails early in the race, then stumbled often in the deep snow as the route descended back down to the finish line.

Race organizer Lisa Barbour said she ran the trail twice a day every day in the week leading up to the race to try and tramp it down in preparation.

It worked, at least well enough to allow runners to enjoy their time.

"Was it fun? In a sick kind of way it was fun," Karen Tremaine said. "I liked that it was so different than any other running event I've ever done. It was a unique thing, totally different, and it was fun."

Love the Run You’re With results

10-kilometer race


Name Time Age Sex

Brad Bingham 1:08:45 30-39 M

Allen Bellshaw 1:13:02 40-49 M

Barkley Robinson 1:14:53 30-39 M

Asher Rohde 1:17:42 19 and under M

Nicholas Citriglia 1:19:33 30-39 M

Scott Blair 1:19:59 40-49 M

Scott Kempers 1:22:34 40-49 M

Jeff Sperry 1:24:38 19 and under M

Deirdre Pepin 1:27:15 30-39 F

Hannah Williams 1:28:58 20-29 F

Walter Magill 1:29:21 40-49 M

Amy Charity 1:32:35 30-39 F

Jenny Fox 1:32:35 30-39 F

Karen Tremaine 1:37:48 40-49 F

Megan Gregg 1:38:11 20-29 F

Pat West 1:40:57 40-49 M

Erik Ramstad 1:41:48 20-29 M

Kendra Emery 1:43:02 30-39 F

Jen Kerr 1:52:20 40-49 F

Paul Clark 1:55:15 30-39 M

Don Platt 1:58:12 50-59 M

Robyn Jankoski 2:00:38 50-59 F

Amanda Grimes 2:10:12 30-39 F

Michelle Tucker 2:10:51 30-39 F

Molly Cuffe 2:10:52 30-39 F

Angie Mangiardi 2:10:53 30-39 F

Anna Leavitt 2:10:55 30-39 F

Chris Thomas 2:16:28 50-59 M

James Morton 2:44:40 50-59 M

Becky Gerze 2:44:43 50-59 F

Debra Thomas 2:45:10 50-59 F

Kathryn Thomas 2:45:17 20-29 F

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