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‘Snow/Crystal’ to offer art exhibit, interactive snow drawing

Nicole Inglis

Artist Ian Scott's "Cerebral Myopia: Crystal" video installation is part of a conceptual art show, "Snow/Crystal: Intricacy, Impermanence and Influence," which opens with a reception at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Depot Art Center.

— Snow surrounds us.

Its influence permeates the waking life and dreams of those who settle here, the children who grow up here and anyone who tries to leave.

From obsessing about powder forecasts to shoveling driveways, snow in the Yampa Valley is inescapable.

Last week at the Depot Art Center, Steamboat Springs Arts Council Artistic Director Park Myers was watching as artist Ian Scott's video art installation, "Cerebral Myopia: Crystal" mysteriously revolved and looped on the projection in front of him. The installation is almost trance inducing, like watching snow fall heavily through a window.

"You don't know where it begins," Myers said about the piece, which is part of the new exhibit, "Snow/Crystal: Intricacy, Impermanence and Influence," which Myers curated.

"I find myself no longer looking at the piece; I find myself thinking. You realize you're ultimately … just dwelling on the beautiful and crystalline way that thoughts form."

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Snow is the same way.

It forms; it falls; it disappears — all concepts represented by the exhibit, which opens Thursday at the Depot. A reception from 6 to 8 p.m. will celebrate the beginning of a community-wide art show that stretches beyond the walls of the gallery.

"Snow/Crystal" features the work of Damon Zucconi, Ian Scott and Sonja Hinrichsen.

Hinrichsen, who has been an artist-in-residence at the Carpenter Ranch in the past, is showing her photography of large-scale snow designs she stomps out with her feet in wide-open fields and parks.

As part of the exhibit, she will make new snow drawings Friday at West Lincoln Park as well as Sunday and Feb. 4 at Carpenter Ranch. The public is invited to take part in these projects.

But here intrudes impermanence once again.

"She can go out and do these intricate drawings, but if it starts dumping, an hour later it could all be gone," Myers said. Snow "is something we'll never be able to control."

Ian Scott, who will be traveling to Steamboat from the East Coast for the opening Thursday, said his esoteric video originally was inspired by the mangled prose of a schizophrenic.

Being from the South, he has no experience with snow, but when Myers approached him about the show, he realized where the correlation laid.

"At first, when he told me about it, I wasn't quite sure," he said. "Once I found out what the artists were doing, I could see myself fitting in.

"The correlation is the crystal or snow being a temporal medium, that in this piece is a representation of thought."

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Thursday: 6 p.m. opening reception at the Depot Art Center

Friday: 11 a.m. Snow drawing with Sonja Hinrichsen at West Lincoln Park

Sunday: 11 a.m. Snow drawing with Sonja Hinrichsen at Carpenter Ranch

Feb. 4: 11 a.m. Snow drawing with Sonja Hinrichsen at Carpenter Ranch

Call: 970-879-9008 for more information

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