Photographing Fish Creek Falls is no easy stroll |

Photographing Fish Creek Falls is no easy stroll

The biggest key to getting a good photograph of Fish Creek Falls is patience

If you go

Fish Creek Falls is at the end of Fish Creek Falls Road in Steamboat Springs. From Lincoln Avenue, turn north. Go one block to Oak Street and turn right. Stay on Oak, which becomes Fish Creek Falls Road. There’s a $5 parking fee.

Fish Creek Falls tips

■ Go with a slow shutter speed to give movement to the water.

■ Try different times of the day. The late afternoon sun — 4:30 to 5 p.m. — can be sweet. The early hours before the sun is on the falls and late hours after it’s off them can be great, as well.

■ Check out different locations. There are advantages to the overlook, the Uranium Mine trail and the pedestrian bridge.

■ Add a bit of fun and perspective by including hikers as they stop to marvel.