Perry-Mansfield executive director resigns |

Perry-Mansfield executive director resigns

Board president has temporarily assumed executive director role

Nicole Inglis

— June Lindenmayer resigned from her position as executive director of Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp, Perry-Mansfield Board President Jeffrey Tarnoff confirmed Tuesday.

Lindenmayer was with Perry-Mansfield for 11 years. Her resignation was effective March 15, Tarnoff said.

Tarnoff, who has been on the Perry-Mansfield board for about three years, said he assumed executive directorship duties, but he said the Perry-Mansfield staff handles most operational duties.

"We are blessed with a very strong staff," he said. "They are pretty much doing it. There isn't a whole lot for me to do. If a decision needs to be made outside of an executive committee meeting, I can make it."

He said he could not comment on the reason for Lindenmayer's resignation, and Lindenmayer did not return calls seeking comment.

The board is assembling a search committee and plans to hire a consultant to help in the national search for a new executive director. Tarnoff said it is not likely a new director will be found before the summer season.

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There also has been some reshuffling on the board.

Four board members have been replaced in recent months, including Karolynn Lestrud and Holly Williams, whose terms ended in 2010.

Williams said Tuesday that she could not comment about the changes.

Board members Jim Barker and Clay Ogden have left the board since the beginning of the year.

Barker also said he could not comment on Lindenmayer's resignation.

Ogden was on the board for about six years and was president for three years ending in November 2010.

"I believe June Lindenmayer was an outstanding executive director, and I am deeply saddened she is no longer with Perry-Mansfield," he said in an email. "I wish her the very best."

Four new members joining the Perry-Mansfield board ranks in recent months are JoAnne Tucker, Faye Morgenstern, Linda May Morrison and Jim Steinberg. Per its bylaws, the Perry-Mansfield board requires a minimum of 11 members and a maximum of 25.

The current board has 13 people. All current board members reached for comment about Lindenmayer's resignation deferred questions to Tarnoff, as did staff members working at the Perry-Mansfield office.

Summer season

Tarnoff said the leadership change will not affect the strength of the summer programs, which begin with the New Works Festival in early June.

He said the organization recently hired a new administrative assistant.

"We're in great shape administratively," he said. "This summer, the programs are going to be very, very strong. Stronger than last year."

He said Perry-Mansfield will admit fewer students this year, to allow for more personalized education and to ease strain on the facilities.

"We've got a lot of kids who have applied, many of whom were more talented than we've ever had before," he said. "We're having a very good return rate. We're going to have as many kids as we want."

This summer, the dance program, theater program and production department leaders are returning.

Tarnoff said directors of some other minor departments might leave, but he did not know which ones. He said he didn't know the reasons for the departures.

No permanent staff members except Lindenmayer have left, he said.

Tarnoff said he is confident the programs will "be run very well" this summer, anchored by the strength and talent of the students who come each year.

He said the program would continue to be successful into and beyond its 100th anniversary in 2013.

He said that milestone is in the front of everyone's minds, and that Perry-Mansfield is positioned to continue to offer the quality of education expected from the nationally renowned program.

"I'm not being confident to be confident," Tarnoff said. "We have reason to be confident."

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