Nailing the Shot |

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Nailing the Shot

Improved rangefinders, rifles, arrows all help today’s hunters


Improvements in accessories also are making hunting easier. Foremost among them, especially when hunting deer, are scent controls.

“Deer seem to be more sensitive to the things around them than elk, so scent controls can help cover something new to the environment,” says Kevin Rider, owner of Rifle’s Timberline Sporting Goods.

Craig district wildlife manager Mike Swaro says maps and GPSs also are extremely useful when planning a hunt, allowing you to target specific locations. High-end binoculars, he adds, also are essential.

The bow is a popular weapon among Colorado's hunters. Ben Rice, manager at Rocky Mountain Bow Strings in Meeker, said expandable broadheads are the best arrow for mule deer while a cut-on-contact broadhead is better for elk.