Mountainfilm on Tour returns to Steamboat |

Mountainfilm on Tour returns to Steamboat

Erik Boomer kayaks Sahalie Falls on the McKenzie River in Oregon in the film "The Nomad," a short documentary screening during the Saturday matinee portion of Mountainfilm on Tour this weekend at Bud Werner Memorial Library Hall.

— Telluride's outdoor film festival returns to Steamboat Springs this weekend in a new format.

The Bud Werner Memorial Library is sponsoring the tour's stop, which will feature three screenings in Library Hall.

Two screenings Saturday will offer several short films each at 4 and 7 p.m. The cost is $10 for each screening. At 8 p.m. Sunday, there will be a screening of the feature-length documentary "Bidder 70" about climate activist Tim DeChristopher, who remains incarcerated after attempting to bid on Utah oil and gas leases in protest.

The annual festival takes place in May in Telluride and is making stops all across the world leading up to the event. Here is a list of the films playing this weekend in Steamboat Springs, courtesy of the Bud Werner Memorial Library and Mountainfilm.

4 p.m. Saturday ($10)

“The Nomad

Traveling by foot, skis and kayak, Erik Boomer moves through the world and his life in a way few others do. (7 minutes)

Recommended Stories For You

“Julio Solis”

Julio Solis grew up near Magdalena Bay in Baja, Mexico, where turtles were plentiful. As he got older, he watched their population decrease from over harvesting, so he dedicated himself to conservation of the reptiles. (8 minutes)

“The Freedom Chair

Instead of giving up on skiing after severing his spinal cord in a skiing crash, Josh Dueck refocused his passion into sit-skiing, and the experience allowed him to jumpstart a new career and find a new way to do what he loves the most: ski. (15 minutes)


In this short piece, Dean Potter highlines across a desert landscape with a massive full moon as his backdrop. (4 minutes)


Industrial Revolutions”

Ben Howard's song "The Wolves" artfully underscores the riding of Danny MacAskill, whose bike seems like an extension of his body, as he performs electrifying tricks in unexplored places. (5 minutes)

“The Way Home: Returning to the National Parks”

This film follows the brief journey of a group of African-American seniors from Los Angeles as it experiences the sacred lands of Yosemite National Park. (10 minutes)

“Blue Obsession”

Climber Alan Gordon has been exploring the Mendenhall Glacier in southeast Alaska for years watching as old features melt away and new ones are revealed, and now he's determined to document its stunning but fleeting scenery before it disappears. (8 minutes)

”Meet Mr. Toilet”

Mr. Toilet is a nickname for the businessman turned sanitation superhero Jack Sim, whose mission is to make sure everyone on the planet has access to clean toilets. (5 minutes)

“Last of the Great Unknown”

River runners, backpackers, lithic hunters and butte baggers seek prestigious firsts in the Grand Canyon's innumerable technical slots. (22 minutes)

“Not Yet Begun to Fight”

There are few things more poignant than to see strong, brave men and women reduced to brokenness by the ravages of combat. When such a story plays out against the timeless backdrop of Montana riverscapes and the meditative focus of fly-fishing, it becomes all the more moving. (35 minutes) 

7 p.m. Saturday ($10)

“Outside the Box”

While climbers Anna Stohr and Juliane Wurm are at the top of their sport, they realize they still have a lot to learn from Lynne Hill, who was the first person to free the Nose in Yosemite. (16 minutes)

“Into the Middle of Nowhere”

This film travels to an outdoor nursery in the Scottish countryside with a group of children who are learning about the challenges of growing up. (15 minutes)

Living Tiny

In a country obsessed with growth and progress, there is a small but growing population of people who are rejecting the axiom that bigger is better and are downsizing. (7 minutes)

Code Red

In August 2011, Tahiti was hit with a massive swell that created 20-foot-plus waves and forced the authorities to declare "code red," which shut down Teahupoo to surfing. A few brave souls saw opportunity. (18 minutes)

“The Man Who Lived on His Bike”

In this homage to bikes and the bike obsessed, Guillaume Blanchet eats, sleeps, showers, shaves, works, cooks and even dates from atop his man-powered machine. (5 minutes) 


Two young women on a casual canoe trip on the River Shannon in Ireland make their way to a bird-infested island where they witness a gathering of starlings — a "murmuration" — that is so phenomenal and surreal that it’s almost poetry in motion. (8 minutes)

“Right to Play”
 2012 Mountainfilm Audience Award Winner

Norwegian speed skater Johann Olav Koss used the same singular determination and focus that took him to the top of his sport to make a difference in the lives of some of the planet's most vulnerable and victimized children. (45 minutes)

.” 2012 Mountainfilm Cinematography Award Winner

JP Auclair teams up with Sherpas Cinema in this segment from the 2011 Powder Magazine Movie of the Year “All.I.Can.” (5 minutes)

8 p.m. Sunday ($10)

"Bidder 70" 2012 Mountainfilm Moving Mountains Prize Winner

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