Mountain Bodies: Lynn and Andy Picking |

Mountain Bodies: Lynn and Andy Picking

Luke Graham

When it comes to activities

Lynn Picking's answer just rolled off her tongue.

Ask what activities she, her husband, Andy, and the couple's four children enjoy doing, and it becomes evident.

"I guess all the normal Steamboat things," she said.

When it comes to activities, Steamboat is anything but normal. And the Pickings are far from your normal couple.

With four children — 8-year-old Sophie, 6-year-old twins Izzy and Drew and 14-month-old Charlie — getting fit wouldn't seem to fit into the family's busy schedule.

But the Pickings don't just stay in shape, it's a priority for both of them.

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On an early August day at the Manic Training gym, it was clear that the children follow in their parents' footsteps.

Turn around for one minute, and the four had concocted a giant obstacle course.

"They have Andy's innate ability to just go all the time," Lynn said.

But the couple makes it work. They each do Manic Training — a high-intensity, interval training workout — three times per week and find other ways to exercise whenever possible.

Lynn stays at home with the four children — a workout in its own right — but said the couple makes sure to do things as a family.

Teaching fitness to the children, the couple said, is a high priority. It's up there with school and faith.

"We're fully committed to staying in shape and being healthy. It's important to us," Andy said. "You can teach them so much more than by telling them. You let them watch you do what you do."

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