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Michael Turner: Store is a class act

— At about noon on Tuesday, there was quite a lot of activity in the parking lot of the administrative office of Horizons Specialized Services on the corner of Fourth and Oak streets in downtown Steamboat. That's because the generous owners of Steamboat Ski & Bike Kare donated a couple of hours and a couple of their master bike mechanics to provide bicycle tune-ups and repairs for Horizons clients in our area.

Many of the developmentally disabled adults in our community who are cared for by Horizons own bicycles, but they don't generally have the money to pay for regular maintenance and repairs necessary to keep them functioning properly. Thanks to Harry and Mike for generously donating the time and effort of two of your best bike mechanics, Rich and Steve, to help the clients of Horizons have their bikes maintained so they can continue to be part of our active community.

What really impresses me is that they took time out to help the Horizons clients on a day that had approximately 2,000 bike riders coming into town for Ride the Rockies. I have no doubt that they had plenty of paying customers needing work on their bikes that afternoon, but they still donated their time to help out the developmentally disabled members of our community. A class act if I've ever seen one!

Michael Turner

Steamboat Springs

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