Metal show to rile up Steamboat on Friday |

Metal show to rile up Steamboat on Friday

Nicole Inglis

Unreasonable Human, a metal band based in Fort Collins featuring a few members from Steamboat Springs, will play a free show Friday at The Tugboat Grill & Pub with Monkeys Can Run Fast and Midget Theme Park. Not pictured is drummer Adrian Johnson.

— It was a running joke for the band Unreasonable Human that the members all hated the name, but for the 6-month-old metal group, the pieces finally are falling into place.

Sitting on his Steamboat Springs couch with a whiskey sour Thursday, bassist Erik Hoffman quietly mused on the band's name, which he called the best and worst band name ever.

"It's kind of … everyone is an unreasonable human," he said simply.

If unreasonable means playing loud, distorted guitar-based rock 'n' roll with good friends, then that's exactly what the five members of the Fort Collins-based band are.

"We want to rock and roll hard, and we want to do it pretty heavy, but we like to have a good time," said the band's vocalist Michael Pinder, a former Steamboat resident. "It's not all goth-y. Dude, come and have a beer with us and head bang. You're not going to be weirded out."

Hoffman and Pinder, who both lived in Steamboat Springs for years, are in the process of relocating to Fort Collins to pursue music full time.

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Still, the band played its first show in December at Old Town Pub and will return to its roots with a Steamboat show Friday.

Unreasonable Human will perform at The Tugboat Grill & Pub with local progressive metal band Monkeys Can Run Fast and Midget Theme Park.

A metal show in Steamboat? It happens now and again, but Pinder said there's a reason the band is moving to Fort Collins.

"There's not enough of it; it's hard scene," said Pinder, who said he spent his teenage years moshing at all-ages venues designed for the after-school crowd. "A lot of people push it away right at the beginning cause it's too loud or too fast, or they don't understand the lyrics."

Hoffman said one thing the band aimed for right off the bat was that the crowd be able to understand Pinder's vocals. Pinder said he succeeds most of the time.

"Like any other rock 'n' roll band, I have a few songs about heartbreak and love and lust," Pinder said. "You're not going to not find that in a rock 'n' roll band. And we have a few songs about drinking."

Pinder said hard rock can seem inaccessible to some, especially when it's assumed to be of the dark, death metal persuasion.

Unreasonable Human is more about guitar hooks and plain, old good times. Don't be surprised if some country influences sneak in, too — rhythm guitarist Branden Christensen is a bull rider and the band has a song called "Southern Style."

The group is rounded out by Preston Roehrs on lead guitar and Adrian Johnson on drums, and the quintet already is feeling at home in a vibrant Fort Collins metal scene.

"It's the best drug I've ever done; it really is," Pinder said about performing. "The energy we receive from the people and just playing our music for the public is one of the most satisfying things. It doesn't get any better than that."

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