Kyteler’s landlord begins discussions with Steamboat workers |

Kyteler’s landlord begins discussions with Steamboat workers

Steamboat Partners, owners of pub property, calls meeting an effort to reach out to those affected

Mike Lawrence

— Owners of the space used by Kyteler's Irish Pub in Steamboat Springs met Thursday with workers who claim they're owed thousands for the pub's construction, starting discussions that spread confidence but yielded no action to ease the labor-related tensions.

"They are doing their best to resolve this problem. They're being supportive and understanding," carpenter Gary Wall said about Steamboat Partners, the landlord of the retail space. "I'm confident they will get to the bottom of this."

Wall said Steamboat Partners did not offer workers any monetary compensation for paychecks owed by Kyteler's.

Steamboat Partners is the owner of Wildhorse Marketplace on Mount Werner Road in Steamboat Springs. Resort Ventures West conducts property management for Steamboat Partners. However, it does not own Kyteler's, an unopened pub that occupies a corner location in the shopping plaza. Kyteler's is owned by Gerry Howard, who could not be reached Thursday and has not returned phone messages for the past week.

Wall has said he's owed $7,500 for work on Kyteler's construction this winter.

He's one of at least 15 workers involved with the pub's construction who have contacted a lawyer for help in securing owed money. Overdue payments to workers, vendors and suppliers could total more than $150,000, local lawyer Ralph Cantafio has said.

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Several workers have said they received a paycheck this month for work done in December, but have received nothing for January through March.

Brent Pearson, of Steamboat Partners, said the Thursday meeting was an effort to reach out to affected workers.

"We met with them to understand their story and to see that any wrongs are righted in an appropriate manner. We're really trying to collect information and make things better," Pearson said. "We're not happy with the thought that these things are happening."

Pearson said Kyteler's has met all of its obligations under its lease, though, and members of Steamboat Partners "really have no legal ability to do anything at this point in time."

The Kyteler's situation doesn't appear to be an isolated incident for Howard.

Also Thursday, the service manager for Colorado Alarm, a Golden company that installs fire alarm and sprinkler systems, said he's still owed "about nine or 10 grand" for work in summer 2008 at Trinity Irish Pub in Evergreen. The pub has since closed.

"We tried everything we could do to get our money, and we got stonewalled through the whole thing," Jason Ryan said. "If you can't collect, you can't collect."

Business records filed with the Colorado Secretary of State's Office show that Trinity and Kyteler's share the same owner.

Gerard C. Howard is listed as the owner of Trinity Irish Pub while Gerard Howard is listed for Kyteler's. Both listings share a Lone Tree mailing address.

The general contractor on the Kyteler's site was GCH Contracting, which Howard owns.

Ryan said Colorado Alarm contacted an attorney to collect as much as $10,000 from Howard but realized legal assistance could cost as much as $12,000.

"It was cheaper for us to write it off than pursue legal help," Ryan said Thursday. "I've tried to block it out of my mind."

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