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Hayden, Soroco track teams own ‘home’ meet

Teams fare well at Hayden Invitational in Craig

Hayden’s Rene Valdez clears the bar during the high jump competition at Friday’s Hayden Invitational track meet in Craig.

Hayden's Rene Valdez clears the bar during the high jump competition at Friday's Hayden Invitational track meet in Craig.
Joel Reichenberger

— It was muddy and messy, wet and cold. But it happened, and after Hayden's only track invitational, hosted Friday at Moffat County High School in Craig, the Tigers were happy.

"I'm glad we got to do it," Hayden coach Barb­­­ara Manzanares said. "We pulled it off. It was miserable. We felt bad for the kids, but the coaches decided, 'We are here. Let's go for it.'"

Five of the seven originally scheduled teams made the trip, North Park and Little Snake River from Baggs, Wyo., opting to stay at home on a day that featured snow, wind, persistent rain and low temperatures.

The lack of athletes left several races short on competitors. Not a single team showed for the girls 1,600-meter relay, usually a part of a meet's grand finale. Boys and girls fields were combined for long races such as the 1,600 run, and the 3,200 was canceled altogether.

Still, the competition was intense in plenty of events, and local athletes fared well.

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Hayden won six events, and Soroco captured 14, and in the process, won the boys and girls team competitions.

"The thing that's nice is it's a small meet. A lot of kids that don't place in the big meets get to place here," Manzanares said.

The Tigers were led by Aubree Haskins, the sophomore who burst onto the town's track scene this spring with big performances in the triple jump and shot put.

She maintained her grip on those events Friday, winning both. She took the triple jump, the shot put and, to mix things up, Haskins won the long jump. It was her first competition in the event.

"She did really well," Man­zanares said.

Rene Valdez also scored well for the Tigers, winning the high jump. He's been clearing 6 feet in practices and other meets, and on the wet track he didn't approach that mark. He cleared 5-8 but said he's hoping to charge down the home stretch.

He already has qualified for next month's state meet.

"It was hard jumping in this weather. I was scared I'd slip," Valdez said. "It's a lot easier already being qualified for state. I don't have to worry. I have been focusing on my form a lot more, so I think I can do well at state."

Hayden also got championship performances from Savannah Williams in the 800 and Delanie VeDepo in the javelin.

Soroco had plenty of top performers of its own, and that helped the team dominate the team standings. It scored 132 on the boys side, well ahead of second-place Hayden's 74. The girls scored 97, better than West Grand, in second with 80, and Hayden, in third at 72.

Micaela Meyer dominated on the girls side, winning each of her four events. She took both hurdles events, winning the 110 hurdles in 19.12 seconds and the 300 hurdles in 56:48. She won the 200 dash in 30.1 seconds, edging out a slew of teammates as the Rams took the top five spots. Carmen Matthews was second in that race, Ceanna Rossi third, Brittany Schaffer fourth and Jaelyn Whaley fifth.

Meyer also was on the first-place sprint medley relay.

"She's getting in better shape, starting to understand our workout and getting more used to them, so her legs are getting stronger," Soroco coach David Bruner said.

Elsewhere, Josie Rossi won the 1,600, and Ceanna Rossi won the 400, just ahead of Matthews, and also contributed to the medley relay.

"The cold slowed us down a little bit," Ceanna Rossi said. "It slowed everyone a couple seconds. In the 400, I ran a really slow time, but it was still exciting to win."

Matt Watwood won the shot put, the discus and the javelin for the boys. Cody Miles won the long jump, Nic Paxton the triple jump, David Strait the 300 hurdles and Michael Rossi the 800.

Soroco's boys also won the 800, 1,600 and the 3,200 relays.

"We didn't just have one or two kids that had stellar days; we had a bunch," Bruner said. "They needed a meet like this, where they could come out, have fun and win a lot of medals."

Hayden and Soroco will compete today in a larger meet at Rifle.

Hayden Invitational results


■3,200 relays

  1. Soroco, 9:41.25
  2. Hayden, 10:05.45

■110 hurdles

  1. Gore, West Grand, 17.98
  2. Hayden Blake, Hayden, 18.66

■100 dash

  1. Brost, Moffat County, 11.25
  2. Treyben Letlow, Hayden, 12.06

■800 relay

  1. Soroco, 1:40.28
  2. West Grand, 1:43.96

■1600 run

  1. Molina, Moffat County, 5:30.77

■400 relay

  1. West Grand, 48.0
  2. Soroco, 52.38

■400 dash

  1. Brost, Moffat County, 54.00
  2. Alex Estes, Soroco, 56.25

■300 hurdles

  1. David Strait, Soroco, 46.0
  2. Hayden Blake, Hayden, 48.03

■800 run

  1. Michael Rossi, Soroco, 2:23.57

■200 dash

  1. Brost, Moffat County, 24.53
  2. David Strait, Soroco, 25.51
  3. Dakota Zehner, Hayden, 25.77

■1,600 relay

  1. Soroco, 4:13.07


  1. Matt Watwood, Soroco, 117-2 1/2
  2. Cody Miles, Soroco, 112-7 1/2
  3. Gage Achtner, Soroco, 99-0


  1. Matt Watwood, Soroco, 141-3
  2. Chris Miner, Hayden, 103-10 1/2

■Shot put

  1. Matt Watwood, Soroco, 43-1/8
  2. Kolton Miller, Hayden, 36-5 1/2
  3. Cody Miles, Soroco, 36-0

■Long jump

  1. Cody Miles, Soroco, 17-7 1/2
  2. AJ Anderson, Soroco, 16-10

■Triple jump

  1. Nic Paxton, Soroco, 35-8
  2. Jorge Valdez, Hayden, 35-6 1/2
  3. Hayden Blake, Hayden, 34-7

■High jump

  1. Rene Valdez, Hayden, 5-8
  2. Dakota Zehner, Hayden, 5-6
  3. Alex Estes, Soroco, 5-4


■Sprint medley

Soroco, 2:09.03

■100 hurdles

  1. Micaela Meyer, Soroco, 19.12
  2. Brette Frentress, Hayden, 19.46

■100 dash

  1. Collins, Meeker, 14.68

■800 relay

  1. Meeker, 2:10.81

■1,600 run

  1. Josie Rossi, Soroco, 6:41.39

■800 run

  1. Savannah Williams, Hayden, 2:43.05
  2. Josie Rossi, Soroco, 2:55.01
  3. Delanie VeDepo, Hayden, 2:58.03

■400 relay

  1. West Grand, 1:00.31

■400 run

  1. Ceanna Rossi, Soroco, 1:09.22
  2. Carmen Matthews, Soroco, 1:11.18

■300 hurdles

  1. Micaela Meyer, Soroco, 30.1
  2. Brette Frentress, Hayden, 58.29

■200 dash

  1. Micaela Meyer, Soroco, 30.1
  2. Carmen Matthews, Soroco, 30.27
  3. Ceanna Rossi, 30.47

■Shot put

  1. Aubree Haskins, Hayden, 32-2

■Long jump

  1. Aubree Haskins, Hayden, 14-1
  2. Brittany Schaffer, Soroco, 11-10

■Triple jump

  1. Aubree Haskins, Hayden, 29-1

■High jump

  1. Kraker, West Grand, 4-8
  2. Josie Rossi, Soroco, 4-4


  1. Delanie VeDepo, Hayden, 73-11
  2. Lindsay Miles, Soroco, 61-9
  3. Cassidy Wagner, Hayden, 56-1 1/8


  1. Solenberger, Moffat County, 82-2

Boys team results

  1. Soroco, 132
  2. Hayden, 74
  3. West Grand, 67
  4. Moffat County JV, 55
  5. Meeker, 20

Girls team results

  1. Soroco, 97
  2. West Grand, 80
  3. Hayden, 72
  4. Meeker, 46
  5. Moffat County JV, 18

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