Frozen morning doesn’t slow trotters in Steamboat |

Frozen morning doesn’t slow trotters in Steamboat

Large crowd runs 2nd annual Thanksgiving Day race

Chilling temperatures did little to stop Steamboat runner Dave Carley and his dog, Hazel, on Thursday at the second annual Turkey Trot in Steamboat Springs.

— They pulled warm hats onto their heads and slipped bulky gloves onto their hands. They donned scarves, coats and snow pants. On their feet, though, they wore running shoes.

A large crowd gathered Thursday morning to try what many racers competing in the second annual Turkey Trot were quick to label the coldest race of their lives.

They were just as quick to label it one of the best.

"It was perfect. Everyone was happy," race director Lisa Barbour said. "It was great."

Thursday's race, which stretched 4.6 miles on an out-and-back course starting at Steamboat Springs High School, was for the hearty. What little exposed skin existed was dotted with flecks of ice. Hair that spilled from beneath stocking caps turned white with frost.

"My iPod froze," said runner Lily Hanna, a Steamboat native now living in San Francisco who, like many of the day's participants, was in town for the Thanksgiving Day holiday. "I didn't know an iPod could freeze."

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It was cold, but she said she was eager to hit the road, even when she woke up to temperatures fixed a few degrees below zero.

Those temperatures turned back some of the nearly 50 pre-registered racers, but more than 30 more showed up to register Thursday morning, well aware of what they were getting themselves into.

"Believe it or not, the idea of running in below zero temperatures brought me out," Steamboat runner Dave Carley said. "It was awesome. There was a bit of a chill, but the race was first-class."

The course shot away from the high school, along Amethyst Drive and down into the flats of Strawberry Park. The geography was, at times, forgiving and often beautiful. Other times, it took a toll that warmed racers right up.

"The hill at the very end killed me," Hanna said.

Everyone who finished Thursday did so with a grin of accomplishment, but Ryan Padilla was the event's official winner, finishing in 28 minutes, 50 seconds.

He beat Steamboat Springs High School runner Asher Rohde, who was second in 30:11, and Samuel Egelhoff, third in 30:19.

Beth Egelhoff, pulled along on the course by her dog Oreo, won the women's race in 34:41. Justine Cleary was second in 35:25, and Danette Allen was third in 35:39.

"I was just trying not to slip on the ice," Beth Egelhoff, a Denver athlete, said. "It was super. It was nice and scenic."

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2nd annual Steamboat Turkey Trot results

4.6-mile running race

Thursday, Nov. 25, 2010

Name, Time, Age group, Gender

  1. Ryan Padilla, 0:28:50, 30-39, M
  2. Asher Rohde, 0:30:11, 19 and under, M
  3. Samuel Egelhoff, 0:30:19, 19 and under, M
  4. Derek Leidigh, 0:30:23, 20-29, M
  5. Jesse Rounds, 0:30:32, 30-39, M
  6. Edward Cleary, 0:31:53, 19 and under, M
  7. H.C. Martensen, 0:32:54, 30-39, M
  8. Greg Long, 0:33:22, 40-49, M
  9. Scott Blair, 0:34:34, 40-49, M
  10. Beth Egelhoff, 0:34:41, 30-39, F
  11. Justine Cleary, 0:35:25, 40-49, F
  12. Danette Allen, 0:35:39, 30-39, F
  13. Walter Magill, 0:35:44, 40-49, M
  14. Tom Krabacher, 0:35:50, 20-29, M
  15. Jenny Fox, 0:36:32, 30-39, F
  16. Amy Charity, 0:36:38, 30-39, F
  17. Brittany Long, 0:37:58, 19 and under, F
  18. James Morton, 0:38:00, 50-59, M
  19. JP Pougiales, 0:38:16, 50-59, M
  20. Tom Nelson, 0:38:39, 60 and over, M
  21. David Carley, 0:39:19, 50-59, M
  22. Sophie Newbury, 0:40:56, 20-29, F
  23. Ruth Martensen, 0:42:08, 20-29, F
  24. Jen Kerr, 0:44:07, 40-49, F
  25. Max Leidigh, 0:44:15, 20-29, M
  26. Regan Spindler, 0:45:14, 30-39, F
  27. Angie Mangiardi, 0:45:15, 30-39, F
  28. Erin Boettcher, 0:45:34, 20-29, F
  29. Tim Boettcher, 0:45:40, 40-49, M
  30. Edward Cleary, 0:46:19, 40-49, M
  31. Emily Cleary, 0:46:19, 19 and under, F
  32. Emma Rounds, 0:46:39, 30-39, F
  33. Anna Leavitt, 0:46:55, 30-39, F
  34. Lily Hanna, 0:47:05, 20-29, F
  35. Pamela Tracy, 0:48:35, 20-29, F
  36. Laurie Hulsey, 0:52:05, 40-49, F
  37. Lindsey Kitchens, 0:52:05, 20-29, F
  38. Kamini Muzumdar, 0:57:11, 40-49, F
  39. Becky Gerze, 0:59:43, 50-59, F
  40. Marti Irish, 1:15:00, 60 and over, F
  41. Stacey Hopner, 1:15:00, 40-49, F

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