First Routt County baby of 2011 born in Oak Creek |

First Routt County baby of 2011 born in Oak Creek

Nicole Inglis

Paula Jo Jaconetta

Paula Jo Jaconetta, her husband, Law­rence, and their daughter, Lupita, 2, pose for a portrait with the newest member of their family, Luciano Marcelis, on Saturday. Luciano was the first baby born in Routt County in 2011.
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— When Lawrence Jaconetta was 7 years old, his mother took a threaded needle and dangled it over him, watching the direction of its swing. The folklore tradition told her that Lawrence would someday have two children: a girl and a boy.

On New Year's Day, the second half of that prophecy came true.

Lawrence and his wife, Paula Jo, of Oak Creek, welcomed their second child Saturday, the first baby born in Routt County in 2011.

Luciano Marcelis was born at 8 a.m. in the family's Oak Creek home with the help of a midwife and a doula.

The baby boy was 5 pounds and 11 ounces and was given an Italian name in honor of Lawrence's father, who died in 2010.

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"He seems to be strong," Law­rence said. "He holds his body temperature, he's nursing, he's doing everything a child should do."

The couple also had a home birth with their first child, Lupita, 2.

Paula Jo said she's had wonderful experiences with having her children in her own home instead of at a hospital.

"It's nice and quiet, and there's not a whole lot of people in and out," she said. "It's intimate and just beautiful. I love it. Now that it's over, I can say it was beautiful."

Lupita, apparently, is "smitten" with her new baby brother.

"She's pretty psyched," Law­rence said. "She wants to help. She's trying to feed the baby, hold the baby, pointing out that there is a baby."

Luciano has opened his blue eyes just a few times so far and lets out a small peep here and there.

"Life is surely beginning once again," Lawrence said. "And I'm looking forward to all of it. To the little stuff like sledding and skiing to taking them everywhere in this beautiful valley."

He said any child of his is going to be involved in snow sports and outdoor recreation such as camping and hiking, but he conceded that he had no idea what his son might grow up to be.

"Whatever he does, he's going to be a great man, and he's going to be happy," Lawrence said.

A tattoo artist, Lawrence said his son is allowed to get his first tattoo at 16, and he'd be happy to be the one to draw it.

"I'm excited to have a little more testosterone in the house," Lawrence said.

Paula Jo said she's looking forward to seeing the other side of the spectrum in her son, who she said has her family's nose.

"It's hard to tell, though, since he's so tiny," she said.

Looking at the year ahead, Paula Jo said she's looking forward to raising a baby boy. She'll continue her work as a photographer while Lawrence runs his tattoo and catering businesses.

"I'm just looking forward to new opportunities that are going to open up for us and our family," she said. "And to love, of course."

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