Deb Babcock: Caring for your holiday plants |

Deb Babcock: Caring for your holiday plants

Deb Babcock

Poinsettias are the most popular holiday plant, and they prefer bright, indirect light and moist soil. Keep them away from drafty areas and from the hot places in your home such as fireplaces and radiator vents.

— Don't you love the beautiful colors, shapes and aromas of plants that seem to be available just at holiday time? The fast-growing, spectacular amaryllis plants that grow about an inch a day and the beautiful white, red, pink and now plum-colored poinsettias are so decorative.

Here's how to help keep these and other holiday plants healthy and beautiful beyond the holidays.

Poinsettias prefer bright, indirect light and moist — but not over-watered — soil. To preserve them as long as possible, keep them away from drafty areas and from the hot places in your home such as fireplaces and radiator vents. As leaves yellow or break off, remove them.

Be sure to water your amaryllis often during its brief, but spectacular, bloom period. After the flower has wilted, you can preserve the bulb for a re-bloom by cutting the stalk off at the base, leaving the leaves to send nutrients down into the bulb. When the leaves have dried completely, let the soil dry out and store in a dark, cool place for four to eight weeks before resuming watering. (Frankly, I've not had much luck getting a second bloom, but some people do.)

If you've decked your halls with mistletoe, wreaths, and garlands of evergreen branches, you will extend their life by keeping them as cool and moist as possible. Misting them occasionally or using an application of an anti-wilt product will help.

The Christmas cactus, which usually blooms from October to April, prefers direct sunlight and fairly dry soil. Water this plant only when soil is dry to the touch, and be sure to drain excess water. From the time of flowering until new buds are set, fertilize every 2 to 3 weeks with a water-soluble house plant fertilizer. This plant is difficult to encourage re-blooming.

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The cyclamen grows best in cool temperatures below 68 degrees and enjoys plenty of sunlight. Try a north- or east-facing window. This is another plant that benefits from medium soil moisture.

Recently, orchids have been available locally, too. These plants can be easily cared for if kept in a warm spot with indirect light. Although most orchids only bloom once a year, the blossom can last as long as two months. Water often, but allow the bark to dry between waterings. (Orchids are not planted in soil; they require a special potting medium.)

The kalanchoe plant with its bright red flowers prefers a sunny window and regular water and fertilizer. To encourage re-blooming, the plant should be put on artificially short days (long nights) for six to eight weeks.

Extend the enjoyment of your holiday plants by following these easy care tips.

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