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Dawn and Hawkes from ‘The Voice’ to play show at Chief Theater in Steamboat

Austin based indie-folk-americana duo Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes

— The love story for Dawn and Hawkes started with a dance and continues to take form with each performance.

Naturally drawn to each other, the Austin based indie-folk-Americana duo performs with an unmatched chemistry apparent throughout the interplay of their onstage personas as well as their intricate harmonies.

"My grandmother once said that our guitars have a way of singing together, it's as if we have four voices on the stage," said Miranda Dawn during a the phone conversation Tuesday afternoon before she left along with Chris Hawkes for their Colorado tour.

Winning over an audience of newly-found fans, the pair found themselves on the most recent season of NBC's “The Voice” performing the Beatles rendition of "I've Just Seen a Face." On a more local scale, the pair will bring a show full of charisma and romantic charm to Steamboat Springs at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Chief Theater.

Sharing a musical connection unlike any other, the two met by chance at a blues venue in Austin, Texas.

“I was out listening to the blues at a little juke-joint in east Austin and asked this pretty girl to dance,” Hawkes said. “We were having a good time dancing and found out we were both singer-songwriters.”

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“Our timing and rhythm were just in sync and when we added harmonies, songs and guitar playing, it all went together — like dancing,” Dawn added.

The two were friends for awhile then started "musically dating" and began to write songs and perform sets together. As time went on and audiences started taking an interest in their collaborative musical efforts, they became one act full of honest lyrics, intricate harmonies and an onstage chemistry that was apparent to every listener.

While both came from a musical background, it was the "bare-bone" performance of only playing with a guitar and microphone that drew each other to create indie-folk-Americana-inspired songs together.

"Our root is in the guitar and vocals, then we just build everything off of that," Hawkes said.

Bringing to the table two aspects of singing and songwriting, the duo has the ability to solely focus on the music at hand while everything else seemingly falls into place.

"When we first started performing together, Miranda had this new love for performing that was invigorating for me," Hawkes said about the initial chemistry between them. "She made me excited about writing songs again while I provided the security of the business aspect of things."

From the beginning, the two gave each other the freedom to pursue those musical endeavors that had never been explored before.

"It's a really unique experience,” Dawn said. "I've never co-written with anyone like I do with Chris. Sometimes one of us will finish the other's lyrics and it always feels comfortable or collaborative. We are always on the same page experimenting with different sounds and ideas for songs. We are always pushing each other forward."

While they learned a lot and were influenced by a number of talented musicians, the pair was ready to get back on the road and tour after their experience through three rounds of the “The Voice.”

"Our home is being on stage no matter what the vibe is like," Hawkes said. "It's really fun to connect with people face to face. That's the best part."

Never afraid of the unknown or open road before them, Dawn and Hawkes will continue to capture their musical connection and share it with fans across the country.

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