Cristin Frey: Celebrating passion of music at Strings |

Cristin Frey: Celebrating passion of music at Strings

On Saturday

On Saturday, the first of three Heritage Concerts will be featured at Strings Music Festival. Thang Dao, shown here, is the choreographer of "Dance & Camaraderie."

I attended my first concert, without parental supervision, when I was 13. It was Weezer at the Ogden Theater in Denver, and it was life changing (remember, I was 13). I came home that evening and vowed to spend all of my hard-earned dollars on live music from then on.

And so I did. Red Rocks, Paolo Soleri, The Greek, Telluride's Sheridan Opera Theatre, even a short stint to Bahia Brazil the capital of samba, capoeira and everything rhythm. I was constantly yearning for that high you experience from a truly great concert, when a musician is so passionate about his or her art that it can be felt, not just heard.

Not surprising, I landed a job at Strings Music Festival when I finally settled into Steamboat Springs. At the first classical concert I attended, I got that same high. The conductor was passionate, sweat flooded down his face, bows of classical instruments frayed and I realized that it's not the genre of music or even the venue; it's the talent and passion of the musicians. And it's all just two miles from my home.

This week, you can see Grammy Award-winner Alison Brown, who struck national fame when she joined Alison Krauss' band Union Station. By 1991, the International Bluegrass Music Association had crowned her Banjo Player of the Year. She plays at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Steamboat's favorite country singer-songwriter and part-time Steamboat resident, Brent Rowan, takes the stage Friday night. "My hearts melts every time he sings 80477. It's my piece of heaven, as well," said a Strings patron.

On Saturday the first of three Heritage Concerts, "Dance & Camaraderie," will feature original choreography from Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp's faculty. These dancers are the real deal, and when paired with our hand-picked chamber musicians from all across the world, it's going to be unbelievable.

If you make it to any one of these performances this week, just think how lucky we are to have all of this in our own backyard.

Cristin Frey is the marketing director at Strings Music Festival. She can be reached at or 970 879-5056, ext. 104.