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Cookbook to commemorate 100 years of Routt County Fair

Several local residents — including

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Send your recipe to faircookbook@co.r…, pick up a recipe form at the Routt County Extension Office in the Routt County Courthouse annex or call Nancy Mucklow at 970-846-2630.

Several local residents — including, from left, Eileen Grover, Jackie Grimaldi, Nancy Mucklow and Karen Massey — have been working on a cookbook to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Routt County Fair.
John F. Russell

— There's some time until the 100th anniversary of the Routt County Fair in 2014, but some already are working to commemorate it.

Nancy Mucklow is leading a committee to assemble a cookbook of 500 to 600 blue-ribbon recipes to recognize the fair's history while honoring the tradition of local families.

"We hope that we can get a recipe from anyone who's been a superintendent or grand marshal, so we have a representative from every family in Routt County," she said."It's really going to be a cool piece of history and have that value and meaning in it because it's going to be a treasure."

Mucklow added that recipes will be accepted from any county resident, even those who have yet to make history.

The cookbook committee will collect recipes in the spring but asked that they be sent soon, Mucklow said. She said the last chance to submit a recipe would be during the fair in August.

Anyone who turns in a recipe before Feb. 21 will be eligible for a drawing to win a free cookbook.

Mucklow said the committee is starting early because it wants to promote the 100th anniversary of the fair in the year leading up to it. She said it will take a long time to review the recipes, test them, select the ones that will be included and put together the cookbook.

The goal of the cookbook is to include not only the recipes but also the stories about what they mean to local families, Mucklow said. And she asked that people don't hold back.

"We also want to encourage people to think big," Mucklow said. "It's not just baked goods. It's salad; it's veggies; it's meat dishes. It can be historic recipes. It's every category of food. We're looking for lots of variety, and people's creativity is welcome."

Mucklow said it's too early to determine how much the cookbook will cost, which is dependent on the number of recipes, but she promised a "blockbuster cookbook."

Anyone with a recipe should send it to Forms also can be picked up at the Routt County Extension Office in the Routt County Courthouse annex. Or people can call Mucklow at 970-846-2630 for more information.

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