Anytime Fitness franchise opens gym in Steamboat |

Anytime Fitness franchise opens gym in Steamboat

Steamboat Springs resident Titan Roberts works out Thursday at Steamboat’s newest gym

Steamboat Springs resident Titan Roberts works out Thursday at Steamboat's newest gym, Anytime Fitness in Central Park Plaza.
Matt Stensland

— A new gym in Central Park Plaza advertising 24-hour access is going after a piece of Steam­boat Springs' fitness pie.

"Our goal is to be convenient and affordable," said Chelsea Yep­­ello, the club manager at Any­­time Fitness.

Members are issued electronic keys to unlock the doors at the facility. In an effort to create a secure environment, the gym always is locked and under video surveillance. The 24-hour access concept is not new in Steam­­boat where Peak Fitness Center started advertising the service in summer. Peak owner Tara Nultemeier and Old Town Hot Springs Executive Director Pat Carney said they were not sure whether there was room for another gym in town.

Anytime has proven to be convenient for member Titan Rob­­erts, a Steamboat resident who joined when the gym opened in November. Roberts said he walks down six days a week and is able to get in a two-hour workout before starting work at 8 a.m.

"There is nothing like working out before you go to work," Roberts said. "I'm ready to go to work and give it 110 percent."

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The Anytime Fitness franchise was founded in 2002 and boasts more than 1,500 clubs worldwide. The Steamboat franchise is Guy Coffey's fourth. He lives in Steamboat with his family.

Large windows allow natural light to fill the space at Anytime, featuring Life Fitness workout machines, spin bikes, free weights and two personal trainers on staff. The five treadmills and five elliptical machines have built-in televisions, virtual trainers and iPod docking stations. There is a tanning bed as well as three private showers/changing rooms. The Fitness on Request workout room is used for workouts that are projected on a theater screen. The room also is used for yoga classes with an instructor on site.

Yepello said the club has about 270 local members, who have access to any of the Anytime clubs, including those on the Front Range. Anytime does not publish its membership rates and packages.

"I am the information sheet," Yepello said. "Call, and I will be happy to answer any questions."

Anytime Fitness' phone number is 970-875-1130.

Fit for competition

Steamboat boasts a number of exercise options and services, but Anytime will be the third traditional, membership-based gym.

"I'm a little bit nervous about a new gym coming to town, but they offer a different service," said Nultemeier, who has owned Peak for 15 years. "To go under because of someone else coming to town would not be a good way to go."

Depending on the time of year, Nultemeier said Peak typically has 200 to 300 members. She said a few who live closer to Anytime have left Peak.

"Not a noticeable amount by any means," Nultemeier said.

She said she thinks her members will continue to appreciate her small, local gym, which began advertising 24-hour access this summer. Peak has offered, but not advertised, 24-hour access for years, Nultemeier said.

In two years, Nultemeier said, she will pay off her initial $140,000 gym equipment loan.

"It barely breaks even," she said. "It's no goldmine, for sure."

Carney at Old Town Hot Springs said she is not sure whether there is room for a third gym.

"We'll see," Carney said. "We haven't seen any loss of members."

With more than 3,000 members, the Hot Springs is in a better place to withstand competition from another gym, Carney said, "because we have water."

On Tuesday, the facility installed 14 new pieces of Tech­no­­Gym workout equipment at a cost of $40,000 to replace 20-year-old equipment. The Hot Sp­­rings decided to buy the equipment this summer in an effort to keep facilities current.

"It's all brand spankin' new, and it's looking fantastic," fitness director Simonne Oliver said. "People love it."

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