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4 local artists happily displaying new works in fiber, clay, ink and paper

— At first blush, it may be hard to believe that cobalt blue horses, black and white photos of old ranches and intricately woven pieces of art all could look good together in the same room.

But walk into the Depot Art Center on Friday night, and you’re likely to find that these things easily can coexist.

Wendy Kowynia, who specializes in mixed-media fiber, said it was fun to find out that the unique work of four artists with such diverse backgrounds could so artfully coexist in Steamboat.

"Sometimes, things just come together really easily, and that was the case with our work," Kowynia said. "And that doesn’t always happen."

From 5 to 8 p.m., the new work of Kowynia and three other local artists will be on display at the Depot Art Center as part of the First Friday Artwalk.

Titled "fiber, clay, ink + paper," the show includes Kowynia’s weavings, Barbara Sanders’ etchings, David Schaller’s prints and Bill Sanders’ clay creations.

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And each artist has a unique story behind their work.

The cobalt blue horses on display from Bill Sanders, for example, were the result of a temporary handicap and some experimentation.

Bill’s wife, Barbara, explained that following a shoulder surgery, Bill was unable to throw the clay.

Instead, he used his fingers to create the wavy patterns that serve as the skin of the horses.

One of Barbara’s prints on display shows a unique shadow from a pitchfork being cast on an old wooden structure in Cowdry.

She said she’s "taken by old ranches," and the shadows remind her of calligraphy.

Taken individually, all four of the artists’ work is unique.

But they are bound together by a sort of Asian influence.

Barbara said they also evoke a sort of "stillness" and "quietness."

More about the other artists

Wendy Kowynia: An expert in mixed-media fiber, Kowynia shifted from being a painter to being a weaver. She said she loves the "slow building up" of her work.

"I get to make my own canvas, and it’s three-dimensional, which I love," she said.

David Schaller: According to a press release on the show, Schaller’s works "present a new direction for the artist. Schaller’s prints range from abstractions to altered photographic images that play with light and shadow."

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