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3 Twins to rock Steamboat for final free summer concert of season

Nicole Inglis

The 3 Twins Broadband, an eight-piece roots rock ā€™nā€™ roll band, closes out the Free Summer Concert Series at 6 p.m. Friday at Howelsen Hill.

The 3 Twins Broadband, an eight-piece roots rock 'n' roll band, closes out the Free Summer Concert Series at 6 p.m. Friday at Howelsen Hill.

— It was 1972 and John Magnie played keyboard in a band called the Righteous Meatball. He lived at Cog Hill Ranch, what he called a "hippie commune" near Stagecoach.

He helped install the windmill that today powers the KFMU radio station, and every Thursday night, Righteous Meatball brought the house down at the Colorado Bar in Oak Creek.

On Thursday, Magnie, a Colorado musician of several decades, talked about those times with wistful nostalgia.

"You know what it was like? It was like early hippie-dom," Magnie said. "There were a lot of kids moving through the Steamboat and Oak Creek area and some of them lived in teepees.

"I had really some of the best times of my life in those two years. I love it up there."

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In his most recent project, 3 Twins Broadband, Magnie and seven other musicians aim to keep that era alive and rocking.

The group will close out the 20th anniversary season of the Free Summer Concert Series with a special show tonight after the completion of Stage 4 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Holden Young opens the show at 6 p.m. at Howelsen Hill.

Free Summer Concert Series board of directors Vice President Scott Fox said Pro Cycling Challenge organizers contacted him months ago about holding the concert on the day of the race's Stage 4 finish in Steamboat.

"We normally don't go this late, but we felt this is a really cool event, and we wanted to be involved just as much as they wanted us involved," Fox said. "We're expecting a huge crowd, and it's going to be a really fitting way to end the summer as far as the concert season goes."

Fitting not only because of Magnie's Steamboat roots and bassist Tim Cook's local connection through his brother Jim and nephew Coleman (who also is on the concert series board), but also because three of the band's older members represent a rich history of Colorado music.

Their band the Subdudes first formed in New Orleans after Magnie made his pilgrimage there in the late 1970s, chasing after the Cajun, jazz and blues influences he lusted after through his record player.

But soon he realized there was only so far you could go in New Orleans, and he brought the band to Fort Collins in 1987.

Fast-forward to 1997, when Magnie, Cook and drummer Steve Amedee formed the 3 Twins as a side project when the Subdudes took a well-deserved break. Now the Subdudes are playing only on special occasions while Magnie and his crew forge ahead with the 3 Twins.

Two years ago, the trio added more members: a horn section comprising Phuong Nguyen on sax, Greta Cornett on trumpet and Johnny Giordanengo on trombone; soulful female vocalist Nicole Zentveld; and guitarist Jay Clear.

"We have two different generations ā€” one's around my age, like late 50s, and the horn players and Nicole are in their 30s," Magnie said. "It's just worked out great. I don't know, we somehow seem to be all on the same page musically, but the youngsters have brought us some great new influences and energy."

Coleman Cook said he's seen his uncle's band play as the original trio, but is looking forward to the lively energy and retro sound of the full band.

"I'm pretty fired up about it," he said. "They're bringing in some horns and that New Orleans flair.

"I think it's a good fit, and we have a built-in audience this weekend for the Pro Cycling Challenge so we might be bursting at the seams, but (3 Twins and the Subdudes) have a lot of deep roots and a Colorado following. I hope we get some new people out there and that they enjoy what we've done this year."

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Listen to 3 Twins Broadband at http://www.3twins.org.

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