Documents for June 2012


Defensible space

A guide to creating defensible space and keeping your home safe from a wildfire.

Deputy costs from Routt County Sheriff's Office

Two options for law enforcement present to the Town of Oak Creek.

Routt County Sheriff Garrett Wiggins' email to Oak Creek

Email from Routt County Sheriff Garrett Wiggins to the Town of Oak Creek regarding providing law enforcement services to the town.

Oak Creek's 2011 draft audit

Draft of the Town of Oak Creek's 2011 audit.

Mandatory water restrictions

A description of the mandatory water restrictions put in place Friday for all of Steamboat Springs.

Community Water Conservation Plan

The city of Steamboat Springs and Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District's detailed Community Water Conservation Plan, adopted in 2009.

Economic impact of casino

Report prepared by Yampa Valley Data Partners of proposed casino near Yampa Valley Regional Airport.

Gaming market assessment

Gaming market assessment report prepared by The Innovation Group.

Phippsburg water boil notice

The notice delivered Friday, June 22 to Phippsburg residents regarding their drinking water.

Oak Creek watering restrictions

Phased plan for watering restrictions for the town of Oak Creek.

Dr. Colleen “Kelly” Victory’s statement

Dr. Colleen “Kelly” Victory’s statement

Request for Ideas

Request of ideas for use of Steamboat Springs accommodations tax