Chat with Marra Bennett of Home Resource about environmental home-building

September 21, 2007

Chat with Marra Bennett of Home Resource, a building materials resupply yard, Friday at 1 p.m. about upcoming "green home" tours, volunteer clean-up efforts, and how to use recycled building materials to beautify your home.

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.


Hi, everyone. Sorry for the late start. Today we're chatting with Marra Bennett of Home Resource, a building materials resupply facility. Marra has several upcoming community events she would like to talk about, and we're excited to have her. Marra, thanks for joining us.

Marra Bennett

Thanks for having me, happy to share about all of the great things that are going on in the community regarding the environment and softening our impact.


By the way, I didn't introduce myself. This is city editor Mike Lawrence, and I'll be moderating this chat. Marra, what is Home Resource and what does it offer the community?

Marra Bennett

Home ReSource is a program of the Community Alliance, it is a non-profit building supplies salvage yard; so necessary in a community with as much construction as we have going on. We offer the community a place to buy cheap building materials and a place to bring their used and surplus materials for a tax deduction. The money we make goes into funding the yard and paying employees. The landfill allows us to operate next door to them on their land which helps us to catch materials that would otherwise end up in the dump. So we are reducing waste and extending the life of our landfill as well.


Can you talk about the upcoming clean-up day and green home tours?

Marra Bennett

Home ReSource, EcoBroker Angela Ashby with Prudential, and Fox Construction are hosting a green home tour Oct 6th from 1 to 4pm. The tour is free, although people must sign upahead of time because we will be renting busses to take everyone from home to home. To sign up call me at 879-1825. We are selling raffle tickets at $1 each for the chance to win a new cruiser bike. The drawing will be held after the tour. We are meeting in the high school parking lot and Fred Robinson will have his hybrid Hummer there before hand to show and answer questions. We have four homes on the tour and all have implimented sustainable building techniques and materials into their designs.


Is sustainable building a growing trend in Routt County? What are a couple examples of sustainable building practices?

Marra Bennett

It is a trend across the US, we are a little further behind but are still moving in that direction. Some of the examples of green home building is in floor radiant heat that is placed in warm board rather than just tacked up under the floor, photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, geo thermal systems, Sips panels, Trombe walls and other passive solar designs, VOC free paints, using recycled and used materials in building, using lower impact materials such as cement bamboo, and cork, Low E windows, triple paned windows, Energy Star appliances, small footprints (square footage), are some of the many examples of what is being done in Steamboat.


You mentioned that Home ReSource is a Community Alliance program. The Community Alliance is gearing up for its annual New Pioneers event. What and when is that?

Marra Bennett

I just realized I didn't address a portion of your second question. The clean up day is actually a volunteer day we're having out at Home ReSource for anyone who wants to come out and help us organize the yard and prepare for winter. Volunteers will have the opportunity to tour the landfill, seeing where there trash goes and what green programs the landfill is working on imlimenting such as the green waste, liquid waste solidification facility, the reusing of tires, and their plans for a bio diesel production facility.

Marra Bennett

The New Pioneers event is an event that was put on for the first time last year and was exceptionally successful in terms of turnout. The point of the event is to recognize people and businesses in the community who are operating in sustainable ways and pioneering into the future. The event will be held November 10th. A meal of locally grown and prepared foods will be served. Diane Mitch-Bush is the key not speaker, and awards will be presented to the winners.


Can you remind our readers about what businesses were nominated in 2006, and how people can nominate businesses for this year's event?

Marra Bennett

Sure, last year there were many terrific nominations:

Routt County Woolens- a local business that keep families and land in the ranch business by making a value added product.

Little Moon Essentials- a locally owned business that uses biodegradeable products out of natural ingredients.

Healthy Solutions- local owned business providing a source of organic foods and products.

City of Steamboat- for it's Sustainable Management Plan and Green Team

Greener Pastures Ranch- local ranch that provides natural grass fed beef

Alpine Bank- for instituting an environmental policy to reduce resource consumption

Waste Management- for providing curbside recycling and drop-off

Jan Cohen- building strawbale homes

Mike Roberts- for building Tamarack Point, an energy efficient neighborhood with intent of providing affordable homes.

Pete and Dana Stimmel- for preservation of historic buildings on Walnut St. in Hayden

Craig and Mo Shifter for installing PVs

Fred Robinson for his company Intergalactic, that pushes alternative fuels for vehicles

YVR- for educating community about recycling

and many others...

Anyone can make a nomination. If you'd like to nominate someone contact Maggie Berglund at Community Alliance or email me at marrabennett@gmail.com for a nomination form. Nominations close Oct. 15th.


That's all the time we have for today's chat. Thanks for joining us today, Marra.

Marra Bennett

Thanks for having me. If anyone would like any more info on the Community Alliance New Pioneers event, Home ReSource, the Green Home Tour, or the Volunteer Day give me a call at 879-1825 or email marrabennett@gmail.com. Thanks!


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